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in december of 1985 (i think- could have been '86) the wikler family had (what i believe to be) our 2nd big family reunion. it took place in orlando, florida (so we could all go to disney world every day.) in attendance were grandma, jeanne, jef, dan, ruth, ben, and jenna (that's me!) later on we met up with the missing wiklers and aunt charlotte for a surreal geriatric "new years party" in a hotel room in new jersey, at which grandma led a "party game" involving people picking "dirty jokes" out of a hat and "reading" them to the group ("a man is only as good as the woman he feels" and the like.)

anyway, back to florida... i had with me a super-8 camera and many, many rolls of movie film, and was attempting to turn this "wiklers cause irony by celebrating chanukah at this of all places" experience into an exemption from film I class at hampshire college (it worked.) it was a "concept piece" which involved me trapping my elders one at a time in the motel bathroom (the only place where there was even barely enough light) and forcing them to improvise about their disney experiences whilst opening the ridiculous presents i had given them.

norma was not on the disney leg of the reunion tour but i wanted her in my movie anyway, so she agreed to fake it for the sake of art. what you are about to see is 100% norma, 100% improvised, 100% i miss her very very very much. please note: the original movie got kind of messed up (garbled) in the video transfer process (performed by a cheap-o video house in northampton.) norma's voice wasn't really this squeaky!!!

-jenna wikler jones

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