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if you've never attended a wikler reunion then you probably haven't played the great musical wikler party game... it goes like this... one person starts a repetetive sound (melodic, rhythmic, or otherwise) with his or her mouth. as in a round, a few seconds later the next person adds a new sound and keeps it going... and then the next... soon you're all making beautiful music together. you do it till everyone runs out of breath or starts looking aroudn for cues as to when it's ok to stop.

it turns out this is a fun game to play with a crying baby. it's much more original than a regular old lullabye, anyway.

here are ben, dan and ruth soothing the crying baby sam, the newest addition to the wikler clan.

note: it's a quicktime movie, so a) you must have some sort of quicktime player installed on your computer, and b) you'll want your sound turned on and c) downloading might take a while depending on your connection.

if you don't have a quicktime player and it doesn't start downloading automatically, go here: quicktime download