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Information regarding memorial services and a collection of memories, thoughts, images of Norma
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Norma Says Goodbye

fireworks above NYC

A memorial gathering was held for Norma at one of her favorite New York watering holes, Alice's Tea Cup on the Upper West Side. More than 50 people squeezed into this funky, Alice in Wonderland-themed teahouse, and fourteen people spoke, eloquently and lovingly, with some tears and a lot of laughter, about their memories of Norma and how she affected everyone's lives. A number of these speeches will be posted on this website as soon a we receive a transcription.

After the gathering, a few close friends and relatives came to my home in Chelsea for dinner, and in the late evening, when everyone had left, my mother, my sister Marjorie and her husband Stan, my brother Dan and his daughter Ruth, my son Jef and I walked to the corner to hail cabs and say our goodbyes. Suddenly, high above the Hudson River, the heavens burst forth with the most spectacular fireworks any of us had ever seen. They went on and on, gloriously filling the sky with red, green, blue, gold and silver jewels, rockets spawning rockets, red ribbons orbiting around silver strands, showers of golden rain. The organizers of Gay Pride Week, which at that moment was coming to and end in New York City, thought they were setting off those fireworks from the Chelsea Piers. But we knew better. We knew it was Norma, saying goodbye in her own true dazzling, colorful, triumphant way.

Jeanne Wikler


THANK YOU to everyone to contributed to the norma wikler memorial bench! it's there now, providing equal opportunity rest to NYC natives, tourists, pigeons, transients and friends of norma alike. the bench overlooks the lake and from it you can see norma's old neighborhood. were she here she would have loved it.


Per the wishes of Norma's family, close friends who grew up with Norma have initiated a Memorial for Norma at the Carnegie Center in Lexington, Kentucky. A plaque in Norma's name was presented in late July, 2002 by Ada Wikler. Continuing donations to the center in Norma's name are welcome. Please include your name and address so that you can get tax deduction. If you are interested you can make the check out to Carnegie Center, and send the check in care of Bill Wenneker, 2025 Lakeside Dr., Lexington, Kentucky 40502. The Carnegie Center provides English language tutors to immigrants.

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