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Norma Wikler was a lawyer, a teacher and helped a lot of people. She was a middle-age, tall, thin and Jewish-woman. Norma was a kind, warm, pleasant person and always smiled. She was very strong and taught me too. I miss her.

In December 2001 at the beginning of my partnership with Norma Wikler we clicked. Norma taught me reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar ... everything one or twice a week. She corrected my mistake and had homework for me. In May 2002, Norma planned to go to Costa Rica and return in August of the same year. Norma told me I was improving a lot in English and then hugged me and said Good-bye.

Norma Wikler, my one-on-one partner and very good friend died on her vacation. I miss her a lot. May her soul rest in peace? G-d gives us life and takes it away.