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I don't know what made me read the obituaries the other day but was stunned
to learn of Norma's death. Even though it has been many years since I saw
her, I have fond memories of working with her as her first staff attorney
for the NOW LDEF Judicial Education Project. One of the things I remember
most was her frequent field trips to the local stationery store. The year I
worked with Norma was the year that 3M came out with Post-it Notes. I can
still see my desk covered with Post-it notes from Norma of the many things
she wanted us to do.

Norma was someone who treated everyone with respect. Whether speaking with
the cleaning people in the office or one of the women judges, who were being
considered for a position on the US Supreme Court, she made them feel that
they were valued and their opinion mattered. Her vision of combining
sociology with law to teach judges about going beyond their own biases and
experiences has left a legacy on the legal system.

For the past 15 years, I have had my own legal technology business. Norma's
influence as my first boss has been a model of how to encourage and treat
employees to help them grow and learn while getting the work done. I regret
I will be unable to attend the NY memorial service.
Carol L. Schlein, Esq.
Law Office Systems, Inc.
Montclair NJ